Nelson Mandela is an hero all over the world. He allowed to make southern Africa a modern country, where black and white people live together peacefully. He managed to pardon white people - afrikaans - that put him in Prison fot a long time. And not only.
But in prison nelson Mandela wrote a book and became stronger and stronger.
So it is a great pleasure to meet you today in Rome, it is a pleasure to shake your hands, as you are the daughter of the greatest Nobel prize for peace in a apartheid country.
South Africa with apartheid was a shame for every white person and
Nelson Mandela took his people to freedom.
I would like to ask you what is your programme ? What would you like to do in the name of nelson Mandela as his daughter.
What do you think to do for your country today?
For Africa today ?
Do you think to become a political member ?
What do you want to do in Italy?
Welcome to Italy
Thank you very much
Emanuela Scarponi